Something I want to start doing (beginning with this blog post!) is to look back on the previous year and reflect on what I’ve achieved in my personal life as well as in my business. It’s a great exercise not just for myself but for creatives as a whole, especially, because we are often so hard on ourselves. We can’t help but beat ourselves up and think about the things we DIDN’T accomplish instead of the things we DID. Reflecting on these achievements helps myself put things into perspective by allowing myself to be grateful for all I’ve accomplished and by renewing my energy for the new year! Take some time this week and do this exercise for yourself. Don’t be shy – be proud of what you’ve done! It’s easy to forget all the “little” things we’ve done especially over a year’s time… write them all down and reflect. I think you’ll be surprised by the results! 🙂

What is one thing you accomplished this year that you’re extremely proud of? Nothing is too small and I want to cheer you on! Share your big win below!


  • We’re expecting a baby!
  • Was asked to be a Godmother to baby Henry
  • Attended my sister’s baby gender reveal shower and photographed her maternity session
  • Took a girls road trip to Tennessee!
  • Learned how to tie a bow tie
  • Vince and I celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary
  • Had Friendsgiving in Chicago
  • Attended high tea at The Drake
  • Bought my first onesie
  • Attended my first international soccer game (Barcelona!)
  • Saw the Sagrada Familia
  • Tried 0% alcohol beer…because that’s what you do when you’re pregnant in Spain
  • Jumped off a boat and swam in Lake Michigan
  • Toured the Green Bay Packers stadium
  • Visited the Koval distillery
  • Ate at my first 3 Michelin star restaurant – Grace in Chicago
  • Threw Vince a 30th birthday party at TopGolf

Royal Palace of Madrid



  • Took new branding headshots!
  • Launched a brand new website with the help from Davey & Krista and Showit
  • Launched my new travel print and product shop
  • Hosted my first HUGE giveaway with prizes valuing at over $1400
  • Started an email newsletter and now have over 140 subscribers
  • Mentored 3 entrepreneurs


Did you catch the behind the scenes blog post for 2017? It’s TOO good! 🙂

Featured on



  • Spoke on the panel for the Association of Bridal Consultants – Illinois
  • Celebrated 2.5 years of being the RTS Tuesdays Together leader for the Chicago city group