It’s that time of year again, friends!! Behind the scenes photos of me…doing my thing and acting like a crazy person. This is usually my most popular post and I admit it’s one of the funnest blog posts I get to do all year! It’s something I look forward to putting together and I can’t wait to hear what you all think of this year’s behind the scenes blog post!!

Let’s get this thing started with my favorite behind the scenes shot of me from the year…because let’s be real. The rest of these, are not quite as pretty of me. haha!

I love photographing details! From the bride’s gift to her groom…to the bride getting ready in her beautiful gown…to the wedding invitations and special heirloom pieces…
to the ceremony programs…and the reception centerpieces, you best believe I’m all over it!
But the day is so much more than the details!! It’s about the CAKE! Just kidding…but seriously guys, cake cutting is serious business. Poor Kevin is probably wondering if I’m going to take that top layer of cake for myself haha!

I’m with my couples nearly the entire day! We get to spend a lot of time together, so I want to make sure that we not only get everything that they’ve ever wanted, but that we stay stress free and have FUN while doing it! Sometimes I find myself photobombing my second photographer’s photos…

(Rainy hair don’t care)and throwing around the craziest faces for my seconds while they take their test shots!

Photographing the bride and groom alone on the wedding day definitely has to be my favorite part of the day! (Check out that ballerina point!) Behind the scenes photos always provide a good laugh for me as I’m editing a wedding day! I like to pretend what I’m thinking or doing in that photo. For instance… “I wonder if I stay here long enough, the people in the background will move…Yeah, probably not. Let’s find another spot!”How many bridesmaids does it take to lift this veil for the photographer to get her shot?
I am a fast and efficient photographer, but it’s not all serious business! I love laughing and chatting with everyone on the wedding day…like the groomsmen and the wedding guests!
I especially love when my hubby is a guest at a wedding! Weddings make me miss him because they remind me of my own wedding day and how I felt, so it’s cool to go hug the cutest guest ever when I get a free second! (Left) I’m pretty sure this is the most attractive photo I’ve ever seen of myself. haha! (Right) I always have high hopes of keeping my hair down throughout the wedding day but it inevitably goes up in a pony tail by the end of it. Getting to see the dress that the bride chooses to wear on her wedding day is always so exciting! And sometimes I get excited about my own dress and ask my second to take a picture me in front of cool walls before starting our day (because…it’s Kate Spade) 🙂
First looks are such a special time for a bride and groom! Here you’ll see me preparing the groom before his bride comes to tap him on the shoulder. This photo reminds me of the game “Where’s Waldo?!”
I gotta say – my couples have the most beautiful bridal parties…and their style is always on point!!!Eek! Starting to see a little bump (baby Nord for those that don’t know what I’m talking about) forming by this wedding!
It’s no surprise that I get quite the exercise on a wedding day. I go above and beyond for my couples… I will even run in the rain to fetch something for you! Don’t you worry…I’m on it! Run, Liz, Run!I not only run, but I do lots of stretching too… I photograph straight forward, up towards the ceiling, down towards the floor…and often do some minor back bends! No wonder my back and shoulders later!

I think it’s about time for another lighting test…what do you think?
And last but not least… I LOVE to get a photo with my couples [if it’s not already on their shot list! :)]  I treasure the time that I get to know them throughout the wedding planning process and I’m just so excited for them to become Mr. and Mrs.! I feel so incredibly blessed to have such sweet and loving couples in 2017! It makes me even more excited for the new year!

This particular shot will forever be special to me, because Kim and Sean’s wedding was my first wedding… pregnant! I found out just a few days before their big day that I was expecting baby Nord 🙂 

I can’t wait to see what more craziness my seconds will capture of me in 2018! Expect baby bump photos and even one with baby Nord since she/he is invited along with the rest of my family to a wedding in September of 2018!

A special thanks to all of my seconds for being there with me for these amazing wedding days and for taking all of these behind the scenes photos. This post wouldn’t be possible without you! Thank you Maria, Tamara, Elizabeth, Ashley, and Tiffaney! Love you ladies!