Hey friends!! The past few weeks have been so much fun, but a little hectic to say the least 🙂 From travels, to photo shoots, and getting ready for wedding season to kick off, I’ve been going a million miles a minute. Ordering take out, letting the dishes pile up, and having the laundry sit in the washer way too long has become the norm over the last few days in the Nord household. EEK! Anyone else with me?! 🙂

I’m so excited to finally blog our amazing trip to Seattle that we took back in February! The last time I was in Seattle was with my mother in law back in 2007. She took me on a girls trip – just she and I. It will always be such a fond memory that we share together, but while there, we definitely missed our “boys.”  I told Vince that he would have to come back with me one day and nearly 8 years later it actually happened! Our trip was just as amazing as we expected it would be.

There’s tons of things to do in Seattle, even on rainy days! But first, no trip to Seattle is complete without spending an entire day at the Pike Place Market


Did you know that the first Starbucks ever was in Seattle?! It was fun to step into that history and I love how they kept the authentic Starbucks logo. It’s incredible how busy they stay in there! Vince and I loved walking up and down this street each morning for coffee and macarons!



On a typical Seattle day, it rains…a lot. We definitely encountered that on this trip, so we explored The Chihuly Garden and Glass museum which was absolutely incredible!

Check out that Space Needle view from the ceiling windows!

The rain wasn’t going to stop us from exploring outside too much, though! With umbrellas in hand and rain splashing up our legs, we ventured out to the Seattle Space Needle and the Waterfront Park.

After all of that, the photographer in me HAD to find an awesome view of the Seattle skyline. I read that Kerry Park was one of the best and it didn’t disappoint. Even with the crummy weather and heavy clouds, it was still an amazing view. I do wish we could have seen the mountains in the distance though!




These are some iPhone photos that I took throughout the trip where we also visited Pioneer Square and The Gum Wall. Everyone thought I was weird to want to go see a wall full of gum, but the colors and uniqueness of it definitely intrigued me. I just didn’t get too close 😉


One of the coolest things we did was go to the Starbucks Reserve Roastery and Tasting Room! I highly suggest going to check out the cool merchandise, the copper decor, as well as to sit down with a fun cup of coffee. This is not your ordinary Starbucks, guys! It’s like 100,000 times better!

The last set of photos were taken from some of the restaurants and bars that we went to like Rachel’s Ginger Beer and Biscuit Bitch. There’s also photos of Vince and I enjoying the Seattle views from Kerry Park and on the top of our hotel rooftop!


As always, Seattle, you treated us well! We can’t wait to come back again one day!