From the fresh water lakes to the snow covered mountains, Whistler was absolutely beautiful. Vincent, my life-long friend Caroline, and her husband, met in Seattle this past January to make the drive to Whistler, Canada. The drive itself was simply stunning and we really couldn’t have asked for much better weather while we were there. The sun made skiing and walking to the village so nice! 30 degree skiing? I’ll take it!

It had always been a dream of Caroline and mine to travel together, so we figured after nearly 20 years of waiting, we had waited long enough! Our husbands spent so many hours planning this trip for all of us and it was so much fun anticipating this trip. From the late night hot tubbing to soak our soar muscles to the time I snowboarded down the “bunny” slope with my eyes closed the whole way down, I will always remember this trip with them and the memories that we made there.

canadian flag

blackcomb mountain

whistler village

whistler villagechristmas trees

sunbeamwhistler villagesnowy water stream

snow on mountains