Girona was definitely on our top favorite cities list from our time in Spain. After spending four days in Madrid’s bustling city life, Vince and I went on a much needed train ride north of Barcelona to a place with amazing history, a slower lifestyle, and some fun TV show cameos! Did you know that several scenes from the Game of Thrones are filmed in Spain? And more specifically, in Girona? I loved walking the streets of Old Girona to find these spots. By the way, there’s two parts of Girona: New and Old. We spent the majority of our time exploring the old part because, to us, it was my most intriguing and what we really wanted to see architecture wise! If you’re ever interested in doing a walk through of the Game of Thrones cameos around Girona, you can pay for a tour or just do what we did and do a self guided one! It’s a pretty small city – we walked all of it in just a few hours time. Below are my favorite captures from our time there!


Onyar River

eiffel bridge

Girona photographerGirona museu d'arquelogia catelonia Spain photos game of thrones scene cataloniawalls and door of girona spain wedding photographer

Girona CathedralGirona Cathedral spain photographer jewish quarter Jewish Quarter green door spain

Pujada de Sant Domenec game of thrones scene

Arab Bathsgame of thrones arab baths Girona spain print shop

Passeig de la Muralla Passeig de la Muralla catalonia fal walllong wall