This past weekend, Vince and I flew down to Tennessee to be a part of my little sister’s baby gender reveal party. The party was held at an old, historic home that was built in 1837. The home (called Providence House) was once located in Trenton, TN, but after the former owner decided to disown the home, the owners of the Old Country Store in Jackson, TN decided to take action so it was not torn down. The home was cut into two pieces and then transported to Jackson behind their store so it could remain in tact. Today it is used to host special events such as bridal and baby showers, engagement parties, and even some weddings.

My sister (Lauren) and brother-in-law (Adam) only requested 3 things for their party. They wanted to have their closest family and friends together to celebrate their baby’s gender reveal, amazing brunch food (fried chicken, biscuits, and casseroles, of course!), as well as a reveal that was unlike anything they’ve ever seen before. My mom and Aunt Mary were in charge of designing the reveal itself and I think it’s safe to say that they ROCKED it. You’ll have to scroll down below to see it for yourself. It was so unique and so beautiful! We (myself, my mom, and my two aunts) blocked out all of the light in one of the rooms of the Providence house, then hung and placed blue lights (glow sticks, light sabers, mini tea light candles, and paper lanterns) so that when Lauren and Adam opened the doors, they saw the room filled with blue lights. There was also a sign that read “It’s a boy!” that was handmade by my Aunt Mary. The way the gender was revealed to Lauren and Adam was perfect because they are huge Star Wars fans (hince the light sabers!). For those that don’t know, Lauren initially told Adam she was pregnant with THESE shirts!

We are so excited to welcome baby Henry Joel Taylor into the family and I am so excited to be his aunt and God-mother!

My sissy is the cutest momma!

The REVEAL!!! It’s a boy!Their reactions were priceless! Everyone was so cute hanging out on the staircase awaiting the reveal!

Me along with my little brother and sister (and baby Henry)!