Frequent gifters and fellow business owners…this post is for you! A huge part of the Elizabeth Nord Photography experience is making sure my couple’s feel special and loved. One way, I ensure my couple’s feel this way is to give them gifts! Even after being in business for over 8 years, I get so excited every time I book a new session or wedding. It is such an honor to be chosen to be the one to document their special moments so I love giving my client’s gifts as a small thank you for choosing me. Plus who doesn’t love a little unexpected snail mail?!Greetabl custom design

When I first found Greetabl a few years ago, I loved the idea! I bought them for friends and family as well as for some client gifts. For the first few years of being a photographer, I would go out and buy gifts that I liked. I would find boxes to fit everything, store it all in my closet, make it beautiful and branded, then go to post office to ship them all. It was honestly such a pain and I simply didn’t have the time or space that it took to create my own client gifts. I’ve been outsourcing my client gifts for over 3 years now and I haven’t regretted that decision in the slightest. Now I can give thoughtful, gorgeous, branded gifts in seconds. I don’t have to clutter up my house with boxes and packing supplies (I think Marie Kondo would approve) and I don’t have to make a single trip to the post office (CUE THE CONFETTI)!!!

Greetabl makes gift giving so easy. Not only are their gifts beautiful and unique, but they’re affordable and perfect for that “I’m thinking of you” moment. For photographers like myself, I think Greetabl makes for the perfect gift to send before the wedding day, as a thank you for booking me for your session, for holiday gifts, or even as an anniversary gift! When you order, you pick the photos you want to add, write a special note, and select your gift of choice. When it arrives to your client’s doorstep, it comes shaped like a small box. They simply unfold the box to reveal the gift, note, and perforated photos inside! You can use the detachable photos to frame, hang on the fridge, or even at your desk at the office.

Now this is where it gets REALLY good…

Insert the Greetabl Insider/Insider Pro program!!!

When I got an email back in March about the new Greetabl Insider/Insider Pro program, I was so excited! I’m personally a Pro member, so I’ll be speaking to that experience in this post. If you’re a frequent gifter that isn’t interested in making it “branded” then you might just be interested in the Insider option! There’s still a ton of perks in that program so definitely check out the differences between the two on their website. If you want a discount on your insider plan, feel free to insert the code ELIZABETHNORDPHOTO for 20% for your plan!

Below are all the perks you would get when you join Insider Pro

  • Receive reminders of special dates like anniversaries, birthdays, etc
  • You’re very own address book so it’s easy to send gifts over and over again! You can even import your contacts from your favorite CRM.
  • The ability to “quick create” and save templates – Greetabl saves all of your information, custom branded designs, frequently sent notes, photos, and most loved gifts so you can send your ship in a matter of seconds.
  • Free first class shipping
  • One day turnaround so your gift is shipping by the next day!
  • Exclusive print and gift selections that are only available to pro members
  • Priority customer support (who are already amazing as is!)
  • Your own custom designed color and print. As you can see in my photos, I have my own branded design (the white background with gray flower/leaf) added to my gift. It’s the perfect touch!
  • $5 credit each month that you order a gift
  • Customized insert card – the perfect place to put your business logo!


Trust me, you’ll love it! Want to give it a try for yourself and get a discount too? Be sure to click THIS LINK or insert the code ELIZABETHNORDPHOTO for 20% off your Greetabl Insider or Insider Pro plan!

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