I am a goal setter, a list and schedule maker, and I write down EVERYTHING.  Yeah…I’m that kind of person.  Sometimes I get so many thoughts and ideas in my head that I can’t lay down to sleep at night.  Often times, I find myself grabbing a pen and paper (or maybe even my iPhone) to take notes of all the things on my head at the moment just so I can relax and know that I won’t forget what I’d been thinking of all day.

Inspired by Abby Grace’s blog post the other day on goals, I decided to write down my own set of goals for myself and my business.

Sex and The City Stylized Shoot, Chicago, City View Loft, 2015

Sex and The City Stylized Shoot, Chicago, City View Loft, 2015         Behind the scenes photo taken by Elizabeth Greve Photography

Liz’s 2015 (and near future) Goals:

– Be featured in print

– Teach a workshop

– Secret Styled Shoot #1 (coming in June!)

– Purchase another flash

– Purchase a 28-70mm lens

– Have my work printed and featured in multiple shops (bridal shops, boutiques, jewelry stores, etc)

– Walk more with Charlie and stretch every day. (I’ve wanted to do this for YEARS now…about time I do it)

– Join a gym or yoga studio. (I have broken so many bones. I really need to strengthen my body)

– Book 15 weddings for 2016. (I’m at 13 for 2015 so I’m hoping for at least 13 if not more for 2016!!)

– Print our Ireland trip album

– Go on an anniversary trip (We’re thinking Lake Geneva this year!)

– Think about organizing a yearly client party (This would be awesome for 2016)

– Start putting money in savings (Stop making excuses! Just save already!)

– Have a 6 year anniversary session with Vince- our 5 year was SO much fun!!

– Go to New Zealand and Australia


Maybe never (but hopefully someday) goals: 

– Be featured on the cover of a magazine

– Shoot editorial for a large global company

– Shoot a wedding in Paris

– Shoot a wedding in Italy

– Shoot a wedding in Napa Valley, California

– Shoot an elopement in the Redwood parks of California

– Teach at a large photography conference (like WPPI or something) … yeah go ahead and laugh! lol

– Get off sodas completely and limit sugar intake to almost nothing.

– Shoot a fashion shoot for Vogue

– Be featured in National Geographic


I’ve got some CRAZY big dreams, but I’ve always believed that if you work at it long enough and hard enough, you’re capable of anything!

Cheers to making these dreams become a reality! You never know! 🙂