Bridal Gowns {Elaya Vaughn by Kate Pankoke}







As creatives, I understand the urge to do something different. To step out of your comfort zone. To kick yourself out of the nest hoping that you’ll fly.

It’s freaking scary and it’s also REALLY exciting.  I have had this idea in my mind for over a year now and I finally got the guts to ask some awesome vendors to be a part of it and to make my dream become a reality.

Can I real for a moment? I more than anything was really excited about this shoot, but I was also scared out of my mind.  This was my very first time doing a studio bridal session.  I’d been exposed to studio light a few times before so I knew what to do, but to get a model, celebrity wedding gowns, and a whole team behind me?  Kinda made me feel like a big deal.  But I’m not.  That’s where the self doubt comes in.  Am I going to do a good job?  Are they going to look back on these images and think “Oh my gosh, why did I volunteer for this. What a bust!”  This was my first time working with each of these amazing vendors so I really didn’t want to disappoint them.  I didn’t want to let them down.  I wanted to give them images that they were proud to show off and images that showcased all of their hard work.

I am so incredibly proud of each one of us!  Together, we created art and dare I say, we created a masterpiece?!  I just love the “simplicity” of this shoot with the neutral backgrounds.  When I look at these images, I see the the stunning model, the incredible detail that went into each dress, the perfect jewelry to go along with each one, and let’s not forget about the wonderful hair and makeup that really takes each look to a new level!  This is exactly what I had invisioned and I am so proud of these images.  I am even more excited at the responses, messages, and comments that I’ve gotten from everyone…so THANK YOU! You’ve made this photographer a happy woman! 🙂

For those of you out there have have these dreams or ideas in your head, just go out and make it happen! Find people that inspire you and that make you a better person.  Cling to them and trust each other.  

Don’t be afraid to be different, dream big, and make it come to life.  You just might surprise yourself!


Vendor Spotlight

Photography: Elizabeth Nord Photography

Bridal Gowns: Elaya Vaughn by Kate Pankoke

Model: Lauren Dod

Hair & Makeup: Makeup by Jaycie

Jewelry: Left Bank Jewelry & Bridal Finery