As 2015 comes to an end, I love going back through all of the images from the sessions and weddings that I’ve had the opportunity to photograph.  From nearly every wedding day, I have a special section of behind the scenes images of me that I save (thanks to my sweet second shooters) that up till now has mostly been for my own entertainment. This is my first time sharing these all in one post and I think I’ll have to make this a yearly tradition- this is so much fun!  I have to say…they make me look super cool and awesome in some of these, when in reality I am sweaty and half of my makeup has already rubbed off! haha! However, some of these are pretty embarrassing, but I decided to share them anyway because they are SO me. I hope they give you a good laugh!
Photographing the bride’s details are among one of my favorite parts of the wedding day. I absolutely love this photo that my second, Maria, got for me on Megan and Andrew’s wedding day in June.

I can’t help but smile while I’m photographing. I absolutely love my job and am so happy for my couples! Also, who couldn’t smile in such a gorgeous cathedral! Holy moly.


When directing, I use my hands a lot. I look kinda bossy in these lol



Do you see me there? It’s like a game of Where’s Waldo! haha!

I like high fives and hugs. I mean, who doesn’t?! I love having fun with the bridal party!I have no idea what’s going on with my hair here, but that bridal party looks pretty awesome if I say so myself!

1I3A9893Wedding dresses are absolutely amazing and beautiful, but they do have a mind of their own sometimes! I love photos of me fixing the veil and dress. Something about it is so magical to me. How lucky am I to get to work with beautiful couples on the happiest day of their lives?!

I not only love my brides, I love my grooms too! The men never cease to make me laugh!



I always feel so honored when I’m asked to help a bride get ready, to put a boutonnière on a groomsmen, or to help bustle a bride’s dress!  More than likely, you will see me on the dance floor at your wedding. I have to get in the middle of it all to get those fun dancing shots, after all! Plus while I’m out there, I might as well dance a little, right?! It’s so much fun when I know people in the crowd too! Running into friends is the best! I love these two!


Okay guys…here’s the embarrassing part of this post.

After I’ve tested my lighting, I am happy to stand in so my second can test their lighting too.  Most of these shots are highly entertaining and give me a good laugh while culling images for my sweet couples. I make these faces way too often, guys.


I guess I was really excited for them to be married! lol



Haha! These are too hilarious. I hope this gave you guys a good laugh on this frosty Wednesday afternoon (in Chicago at least!) A special thanks to my lovely second shooters for all of these behind the scenes shots from some of my 2015 weddings! Without you, this post wouldn’t be possible 🙂 You guys rock!