Hello fellow entrepreneurs! This post is for you!

Today, I would love to share with you how I stay organized, run my business, and manage day-to-day activities with 17hats! Did you happen to catch the first blog post I wrote last year giving my thoughts on this amazing program? See it here! I can’t believe it’s been a whole year with 17hats. This past year, I’ve been so much more organized, less stressed, and just plain killing this whole self employed thing 😉  haha! No, but seriously, I’m still completely in love.

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New features I’m loving:

  • Multiple calendars – I love that I can organize my life with multiple calendars. I have one for personal things/reminders, and one for business related things. I color coordinate them so I know which is which, too. Plus…it makes my calendar look pretty 😉


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  • Schedule payments/payment plans – I use this with every single one of my wedding day clients. I require a 25% deposit at booking and the remaining balance a month before their wedding date, so I just schedule the invoice for 2 payments. No more confusion on when it’s due! It says the due dates on the bottom of each invoice.

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  • Recurring invoices – This is a cool option if this is something you need! I don’t personally use this, but I love this idea!
  • The app! – 17hats has been working really hard to develop an app for its users and it’s finally here!!

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  • Acceptance of E-checks or ACH (Automated Clearing House) – you now have an option other than waiting forever for a check or paying hundreds of dollars in fees to credit card companies. Your clients can choose the E-check option and you will never pay more than $5 per transaction. WHATTTT??? Life. changed.



Their customer service still amazes me! They are always kind, fast to respond, and easy at explaining how to fix things! Thank you 17hats for being so awesome and for helping me run my business as smoothly as possible!

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