Hey friends!! So, as you probably know by now Vince and I are expecting our first baby! You can check out our announcement at this link in case you missed it. I’ve had tons of questions over the past few months since announcing my pregnancy back in November, so I thought it would fun to write a blog post to update you all on how my pregnancy is going so far! As I’m writing this, I’m currently 19 weeks pregnant (a little behind on this 1st trimester update – eek!) and as I finish up my 2nd trimester, I’ll give another update. So … here we go!! 🙂

When did you find out? How’d you tell your husband?

I found out I was pregnant on September 21st. I had walked downotwn to have lunch with Vince around noon and just not feeling well. I was drenched in sweat, REALLY out of breath, and felt extremely weak. Really not normal for me. Unsure of whether I was sick or something serious was going on, I went to the urgent care center (my regular doctor’s office refused to see me saying that feeling out of breath was a more pressing issue and so I needed to be seen by the E.R. or by Urgent Care). It was there that they gave me a pregnancy test and told me that I was expecting. Walking home, I was in shock yet completely calm and at ease with the news. I was more excited than anything and in awe that it was finally happening for us! I couldn’t wait for Vince to come home so I could tell him the exciting news. I stopped him in the kitchen as he arrived home from work and said “I don’t know how to say this, but I’m pregnant!” His eyes lit up with joy and love, and it was one of the sweetest looks I’ve ever seen. He kept saying “Aw” as he hugged me tight. I immediately said “I think it’s a girl” and he agreed that he had the same feeling. It took no time at all that night for us to start making phone calls to our parents, siblings, and then our closest friends. I wasn’t sure of exactly how far along I was at the time, but I later found out that I was 4 weeks.

When are you due? 

Baby Nord is due on June 1st!

Oh my goodness, you were in Spain recently! Were you sick the whole time? (Overall) how’ve you been feeling?

On our Spain trip the nausea began and the dizziness and fatigue increased. I had to take several sitting breaks in between our walks because I felt super out of breath and it took about an hour after receiving my meals before I get up the courage to eat. It was hard to find things that I wanted to eat in Spain and all I wanted to do was eat food I was used to eating. WHERE WAS THE MAC AND CHEESE?! I was also really cautious about what I could and could not eat on the trip since I hadn’t really been given any guidelines yet. I was using the “Internet web of lies” (as my OBGYN calls it) for my guide and it made the trip a bit more challenging food wise. If I only knew what I knew now! Since Spain, we’ve traveled to Indiana, Tennessee, Arizona, back to Tennessee for Thanksgiving, Florida, and back to Tennessee for Christmas. It’s been fun to see my family so much throughout this process!

Are you finding out the gender? Are you having a reveal?

We are! Before Vince and I were expecting, we had always planned to be surprised, but as soon as we knew we were expecting… we couldn’t wait! Vince and I decided to forgo the early genetic testing and to find out the gender at my 20 week ultrasound appointment instead. We are actually planning to have a very intimate gender reveal with our closest family and friends 4 days after the appointment. I know it’s going to take every once of restraint in me not to peek in that envelope! EEK!

Have you started a registry? Do you have a nursery theme?

We have but it’s definitely not finished. We’re waiting until we find out the gender next week to make set plans for the nursery, although I think we’ve decided to go with a “travel/adventure” theme for the room. I’ve started registering at Pottery Barn, Buy Buy Baby, Target, and Amazon.

Have you had any food cravings or aversions?

I’ve been craving sweets like CRAZY! All I wanted to eat my first trimester was sour candy and desserts (not great, I know). I was also craving lots of red meat (hello steaks and burgers!) for quite a while…then I developed an aversion to burgers. It’s all so confusing. LOL! Veggies were not appealing in the slightest but I was eventually able to eat cucumbers. I found that cucumbers with hummus was a nice treat! I now can eat all kinds of veggies – yay!! I’m so glad to feel a bit normal again. Apples have also been a huge craving…I usually eat one a day.

Photo on the left and right by Maria Harte Photography, and the one in the middle by my husband, Vince!

Stay tuned for more updates on me and baby Nord and be sure to follow me over on Instagram to see what I’m up to, more bump pictures, and the crazy fun journey of becoming a MOM (so surreal to say)!