baby girl


Hey friends! So by now, you probably know that Vince and I are expecting our first baby in June! We are so excited to welcome baby Nord into the world in just a few more months. Each trimester, I am answering your questions and sharing a bit more about how pregnancy has been going, important updates, and more! I can’t believe it’s already time for my 2nd trimester update… next week begins my 3rd trimester! Plus I’m super excited to officially announce what we have decided to name the baby (scroll down for the answer)!!

In case you missed the announcement blog post or first trimester update post, just clicks these links!

Pregnancy Announcement

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What’s the gender??

It’s a GIRL!! Click here if you missed the gender reveal party blog post!

Have you guys decided on a name yet?

Ellie Grace Nord! She will share a middle name with both me and her grandma (my mom).

How’ve you been feeling?

Overall, I really can’t complain too much. The 2nd trimester has definitely been the best one yet. Things to note are that I”ve had some lingering headaches and have been super achy. It’s getting harder to sleep these days, although I’ve had more energy the past few weeks. It’s just now (at 27 weeks) that I’m starting to feel super tired again.  I can tell that my stomach is definitely stretching because it’s much tighter and I do occasionally get cramps and some Braxton Hick contractions here and there. Ellie has grown a lot in this trimester and is now up to around 2 lbs! I’ve gained about 10, myself. I am still nauseous at times but only when I’m not eat often enough and staying hydrated. She’s kicking more in this trimester too. She’s not super active normally but when she is, she’ll kick about 4-5 times then be still. However, in the last few days (once I hit 27 weeks), she’s been a lot more active and the kicking has been stronger too. It scares me sometimes and makes me laugh! I have noticed that I feel hot a lot (especially during the night), have had shortness of breath, and leg cramps at nighttime. Another fun side effect (not! lol) is more acid reflux and heartburn.

Do you have the nursery ready to go? 

No, not yet! We’re still waiting on our big items to arrive…like the crib, glider/ottoman, and stroller. My dad is planning on building Ellie a dresser/changing table! For now, we plan to keep my “office” and nursery in one room. We’ll see how that pans out 🙂 I’ll share photos of the nursery as soon as it’s ready!

Where have you been buying your maternity clothes?

I’ve been able to fit into most of my everyday clothes thankfully! I wear a ton of sweaters and long flowy shirts in addition to these long camis. I have found that I’m most comfortable in pregnancy leggings or sweatpants, but when I need to dress up nicer or put on jeans, I use belly band/waist extenders to go over my regular non-pregnancy jeans. For my showers and parties/photo shoots, I’ve loved the prices and selection at PinkBlush.com! I bought the dress you see in the photo above at that store. A Pea in the Pod is another great option, but it’s pricey. I also purchased a dress and my baby moon swimsuit from Destination Maternity! Kohls and Target also have great, inexpensive maternity every day clothes!

Do you plan on blogging and talking more about mommy/baby related topics in addition to photography?

I do, actually! I’ve really enjoyed researching and asking fellow moms for advice…from everything to how to get rid of nausea to what to register for to where to go on our baby moon… and I’d love to share what I’ve learned with all of you! If you’re excited about this or have any specific questions you’d love to have answered, let me know!

Where are you going on your baby moon?

We are so excited to be taking a trip to Scottsdale, Arizona for lots of warmth and relaxation!