As soon as I knew I was pregnant, I couldn’t wait to tell my closest family and friends. Among the first to know was my sweet and talented friend, Nicki of Nicole Defilippis Photography. I always knew that I wanted Nicki to be the one to document this “fresh 48” newborn session for Vince and I. I really admire all of her work (because she’s SO talented), but her newborn work is extra swoon worthy. The photos she took of Ellie at Northwestern Hospital were no exception! On the day that Nicki came to take these photos in the hospital (2 days after Ellie was born), I had a shower, put on makeup and my pretty PinkBlush robe. I felt like myself for the first time in a long time. While I was still in pain from the C-Section, I felt pretty good overall. I slowly got up off of the hospital bed, held my gorgeous 6 lb baby as much as I could, and took breaks when needed. Nicki was so kind and patient (not surprising) with us!

Vince and I were also celebrating our 9 year wedding anniversary this day. I couldn’t have imagined a better way to document this time in our marriage and in our lives… with our new daughter! Vince was glowing with excitement and boasted with pride as he held Ellie for photos. It made me so happy to see them two together. They were bonding already… I knew she’d be a daddy’s girl! Later that night, we celebrated with our favorite takeout dinner (Joe’s Seafood, Prime Steak, & Stonecrab), watched a movie, and fell asleep early. #parentinglife … It was amazing. I’m pretty sure my love for him doubled on the day she was born. He’s such an amazing dad and husband!

We were so thankful that my mom was able to come from Tennessee and stay a week with us as I recovered in the hospital, went home for the first time, and settled into our new norm. I’m so happy Nicki was able to capture a few of my mom and I with Ellie. At the time I just wanted photos of my mom, but as I look back on these photos I remember the moments we shared as she brought us breakfast and coffee in the mornings, the kisses she planted on my forehead before leaving each night, how she helped me walk around the recovery floor, made food for us when we got back home, and sooooo much more. She’s truly a gem of a woman and I’m so proud to call her my mother. If I can be even half the mom to Ellie that she is to me, I’d consider that a win. The “3 generations” photo of us gives me all the feels!

I’ll forever treasure these beautiful moments between my daughter, husband, and mother. Thank you a million times over, Nicki! XOXO

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