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Charleston, SC – Rising Tide Leaders Retreat







This past weekend, I had the amazing opportunity to attend the very first Rising Tide Society leaders retreat in beautiful Charleston, SC.  I went to explore a new city and to meet other RTS leaders, but I walked away with so much more that that.  I walked away with new friends and an inspired heart, feeling so encouraged, loved, and supported in life, in my business, and in being a Tuesdays Together leader for Chicago.   These women and men that lead Tuesday Together groups all over the world are such an inspiration! It was so wonderful getting to hear many of them speak!

Here are some photos from the retreat! Photos by Austyn Elizabeth Photography



Austyn even got a photo of me! haha! You’re sneaky 😉2016-03-02_00032016-03-02_00042016-03-02_0005

So I had the opportunity to just enjoy myself, learn, and meet other creatives, I decided to leave the trusty Nikon camera in my hotel room (even though I brought it haha!). BUT here are some cell phone photos I took while there.  Rainbow row stole my heart!
photographer rainbow row

bridge in charleston

I have so much love for these ladies right here! Natalie and Krista are our fearless RTS founders and they are absolutely amazing! The ladies on the right were with me through the entire weekend and as soon as we met, we instantly connected! They are the leaders of Green Bay, WI; Dayton, Ohio; and Reno, NV! I love you three beautiful ladies!  Thank you for welcoming me with open arms, rooming with me, eating meals with me, and for being such an amazing support system 🙂

rising tide society charleston

This group photo makes me so happy! I am so thrilled to have met and hugged so many of you amazing leaders! I cannot wait to see the Rising Tide Society flourish even more after this retreat!

Photo by Lauren Carnes Photography

rising tide society leaders