Hi friends! Throughout the year, you get to see all the beautiful images that I take at each wedding that I photograph, but what you don’t usually get to see is all the hilarious “outtakes” or what I like to call the Behind-The-Scenes photos of me and my second shooters photographing all the gorgeousness! This is definitely my FAVORITE blog post of the year!

These photos are a compilation of lighting test shots, moments where we were being funny, or from when we snapped a photo of each other during a spare moment … just to capture ourselves in our exhausted, sweaty, hair-up-in-a-pony glory. These photos make me laugh as I’m editing my weddings, but I feel they shouldn’t be just for my own enjoyment! I save them all in a special folder so that at the end of the year, I can compile them into a huge blog post for you all to laugh and shake your head through! We can’t take ourselves too seriously, y’all! 😉

Without further ado, please enjoy these crazy photos as I hide underneath a blanket from embarrassment haha! Oh the faces I can make!



I get way too excited about riding in trolleys!

abbey farms wedding


Y’all please remind me to never make this face again. Oh my!

abbey farms wedding


“Cutting this cake with my hand is totally normal, right?”

mansion in joliet


You’d never know it, but I wasn’t feeling very well that weekend… so I had a little help with my heavy equipment 🙂 Thankful for Chicago’s amazing photography community!


Showing the bride and groom how to do their first look!


The rainiest day I’ve ever encountered on a wedding day turned into a beautiful cloudy day! Also LOVE these two cuties!


Oh man… haha no words for the photo on the left!

wedding at tuscany falls


I look a little like superwoman here and I don’t mind it. haha “Have no fear! Liz is here!!”


I just about fell off the chair as this was taken! Whew, that was close!


Y’all don’t judge me… That cake smelt so good! haha!

Maybe I was sad I didn’t get a piece? haha!

evanston wedding photography


Malori could not have been more stunning! It’s not every day that you get to photograph your neighbor’s wedding…

wedding at northwestern university


…or in GORGEOUS Michigan in the fall…

royal park hotel


…or in Wisconsin for that matter! 2016 took me to some beautiful new places!

Abbey Farms is such a cool venue. Alex and Theresa are even cooler. Loved their first dance – always a favorite to photograph!

wedding at abbey farms


Even the photographers indulge in the desserts sometimes. Thanks Marcie and Eugene for insisting that I try this ice cream sandwich from Cool Jacks!


This day felt like a dream…I was photographing a beautiful Catholic ceremony at the ever-stunning basilica called Holy Hill in Southeast Wisconsin.
st mary of the angels


Typical “testing the light” pose!

chicago photographer


This day was so magical! Love Emily and Chris and am obsessed with the Milton Lee Olive Park for portraits!

milton olive park photos


Her veil was so incredible…and so was the ballroom at The Millennium Knickerbocker! HOLY MOLY! 
millennium knickerbocker wedding


“AH! Don’t look at the light!”

awesome photographer


Sometimes I’ll even give you a sneak peek of what all I’m capturing! I love making all of my couples wedding photography dreams come true!

behind the scenes


I also like to help out my friends whenever possible! Loved assisting my sweet friend Liz Greve at her wedding at an apple orchard in Indiana!

photographer silly indiana


Speaking of awesome friends, here are two of them! Liz and Maria helped out so much at this gorgeous Indian wedding in May! Thank you both so much for everything!

chicago indian photos


I have no idea what was going on here but I totally had a deer in headlights moment. haha!

deer in headlights


Oh the colors! Loved photographing Shveta and Gotam’s wedding day!

hindu indian wedding


Classic Liz face.

indian wedding


There’s never a dull moment when Maria is around! Love her!

photographers best


Stacey was such a beautiful bride! I was honored that she asked me to photograph her wedding at the stunning American Club in Kohler, Wisconsin this summer!

chicago wedding photographer


… I loved having Nicki at this wedding with me! I know I say this about all my seconds, but Nicki is amazing! Thanks for being my friend, my assistant, and for taking photos of me and Vince as we turned into guests later that evening!

two photographers


I could not love my job more! So many beautiful moments, couples, and memories!
milton lee olive park photosdetroit wedding photographer


You’re welcome.

hoffman estates stonegate banquets


I really loved this cake full of peonies!


Now entering…Queen Elizabeth!

Just kidding.


I really tried my best to get a photo with each one of my couples this year! Even though I didn’t get one with every one of them, I did get some… so I call that a win! Maybe I’ll get one with everyone next year!! 🙂


photography with bride and groom

Abbey Farms Weddingtuscany falls weddingroyal park hotel


Thank you all for being a part of my 2016 year! Without you, I wouldn’t be able to pursue this amazing dream of document life and love. I love you all dearly and can’t wait to see where 2017 takes Elizabeth Nord Photography! I’m already so excited to photograph more beautiful love stories!

A special shoutout to my amazing second shooters in 2016… thank you for all of your help and for giving me these hilarious photos to share in this blog post! 🙂 Photos above by Elizabeth Greve Photography, Maria Harte Photography, Nicole Defilippis Photography, Christine Waller Photography, Ed & Aileen Photography, Jennifer Claire Photography, and Ashley Hamm Photography