Shannon, the owner of Wild Little Berry, reached out to me for a company branding session a few months ago and I couldn’t wait to work with her! I dove into a phone conversation with her asking all the questions about her business, vision, purpose, vibe, branding details, etc. We even discussed outfit options for her and her kids as well as where I think we should do the session (Loft 505 was the perfect place!). I had a blast getting to know Shannon throughout this process and to get to know more about her amazing business called Wild Little Berry. I love the branding pieces seen in the photos below! The branding was created by her talented sister Tara who is the owner of The Art in Tara. Shannon created Wild Little Berry to help parents find joy and connection in the messy, sometimes frustrating moments of family mealtimes. As a mom and registered dietitian, she wants parents to feel good about nourishing their little one and rock mealtimes with ease and confidence. Wild Little Berry curates subscription and gift boxes full of mealtime products, how-to guidance, and recipes. The goal of Wild Little Berry is to create a purposeful, calmer, and more fun way to do mealtime. The boxes are all delivered to your door just in time for baby’s next feeding milestone! How awesome is that?! I wish Wild Little Berry was around when I had my daughter Ellie! In addition, fueling developing minds and growing bodies is at the heart of Wild Little Berry. With each box, a meal for a child in need is donated through their giving partners, Feed My Starving Children. To learn more about Wild Little Berry, click here and if you’d like to connect with Shannon on Instagram click here!

Local Business owner and mother Kids eat and enjoy their curated meals Wild Little Berry All laughs and smiles here for these kids Cuddle up on the bed with mom! Children helping with the branding Children playing in a circle and enjoying a snack Play time with toys Shannon and the kids snack together Beautiful Family Fun Sometimes it's all about the fun you have Branding Session Little Berry Kids playing on the couch A beautiful family to laugh and snuggle with Founder and CEO poses Kids branding session for this small business Snacks and treats to share! Female small business owner These kids are models-to-be Branding was done by her sister, Tara! A small business owner poses for headshots So much fun in this suite! The best part of this business is the family involvement Great shot of this female owner! This small business branding session was a success! Family run businesses make it all the better

A session review from of the creator of Wild Little Berry Kids: “I have to tell you. . . you and your photos gave me the confidence to start putting Wild Little Berry out into the world even when everything wasn’t figured out yet. You gave me direction on what to wear and picked out an amazing location, which showcased the casual, fun vibe I envisioned for the shoot. It was such a gift! Additionally, my family loved working with you! We arrived after a long drive in traffic and the kids were wound up. After my 2-year old burst into tears, you could tell I was a little uneasy. You quickly created calm by interacting with my kids and nephews like the cool aunt, and showed me a few of the photos. . . beautiful, real, and raw. I immediately relaxed and let you do your thing.”