We’re moving to Tennessee! Nashville wedding photographer

I told you all on instagram that we had an exciting announcement and it was killing me inside to keep you guys waiting. But it’s finally time to announce that…
It has been a very sudden move that has put us in quite a whirlwind, but one we’re very excited about. We will have family close by, living next to a lake, and so many more exciting new changes. 🙂
A lot of you have asked me questions about the move, so I want to answer some of those below.
1. Are you still booking Chicago weddings and portrait sessions?
Yes, absolutely! Especially over the next year because I already plan to be back at least 6 times between April and September. I will keep you all up to date via my email list and instagram on when I’ll be back in town. If you haven’t signed up for that already, please do! That will be the best way to know when I’ll be in town to do sessions, if I offer mini sessions in the future, any promotions I have going on, etc. As for weddings, I will always continue to take Chicago weddings!! I love Chicago way too much to leave it behind 🙂
2. Are there going to be any additional travel fees for you to come to Chicago?
NO! There will be no travel fees to come to Chicago for weddings! I will only be booking sessions when I plan to be in the city for visits or for weddings.
3. Where in TN are you moving?
For the short term, we will be living near Jackson, TN and traveling to Nashville often  on the weekends. Long term, we plan to move to the Nashville area!
4. How can I help you moving forward?
Please share my work with your friends and family that live in Tennessee! I would love to grow my business as quick as possible in the Nashville and surrounding areas, and with your help I know it can happen 🙂
5. When are you officially moving?
We anticipate being in Tennessee no later than August 1st.
I look forward to being back in my home state of Tennessee but I know I’ll miss Chicago on the daily with all my heart. I know I’ll be back many times in the future though so please continue to follow along with me and my adventures, stay in touch, and share the love. It means the world to me and I love you all!

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