Caitlin & DL Goodman

Caitlin and I met through Facebook one day last year as I was finding amazing couples to be in my promo video (see it here!).  We automatically clicked and once I met her and DL in person that day of the shoot, I knew we’d always be friends.  Not only is she drop dead gorgeous, but she has the kind of personality that just shines when she enters a room.  DL is a very laid back, sweet southern gentleman that, when you get him to laugh or to look at Caitlin, has one of the sweetest smiles I’ve ever seen.  When they asked me to photograph their wedding a few months later, I was SO excited.  Caitlin and I talked on the phone for nearly an hour about the details of her big day, whether they were going to do a first look or first touch, what her dress looked like, etc.  As the months passed, the excitement grew larger.  I flew from Gainesville, FL to Jackson, TN for the wedding on Saturday, May 3.  The wedding was held at The Barn at Snider Farms in Denmark, TN and as I drove up the graveled driveway, I saw the gorgeous wood barn in front of me.  Cars already lined up along the road and in front of the barn, I knew this was going to be a blast.  EVERYONE was excited and anxious for the day to begin.  Immediately, my assistant John and I began to shoot the details…





Once all the details and beautiful decorations were photographed, I ventured into the ladies dressing room where Caitlin was getting ready.  Her hair was completely done and her makeup was finishing up.  She looked amazing!  Her hair and makeup was done by Brittany Mayall at Kyra’s Salon.  



Her mom and sister helped her into her bombshell of a wedding gown.  It was a very elegant ballroom gown that was a true showstopper!




Caitlin and DL had such a fun group for a bridal party! I loved getting to know them!



Caitlin & DL decided to not see one another before the ceremony.  We decided that a first touch would be the perfect thing to do instead!  I love first touches…they’re SO sweet and SO cute.  Such a perfect way to keep tradition of not seeing one another but still talking to one another and getting super happy before walking down the aisle. 🙂




Then the ceremony began…


Once the ceremony ended and the family portraits were finished, we had some time together to relax and take some couple portraits before the reception started.  These are always some of my favorite images!!  I just LOVE love, don’t you!?



As Caitlin & DL were introduced into the reception, they went straight into their first dance, the father-daughter dance, and the mother-son dance.  I smiled, laughed, and cried while editing these!



The cake cutting…YUM!


The garter and bouquet toss!



Let the party begin!!


Their sparkler exit was absolutely stunning!  I’m not sure they could have been any cuter… just looking at these makes me smile!!   I hope you guys had a wonderful time on your honeymoon in the Dominican Republic!



Other Vendors

Chairs: Eric’s Rentals

Barrel table and barrel pub table rentals: Something Borrowed

Centerpieces: Nancy’s Carousel

Hanging Flower Decor: Hobby Lobby, DIY

  1. Sherry Binford Collins says:

    Awesome!!! Love them all!!

  2. Donna Watson Marbury says:

    Absolutely beautiful!!!!

  3. Loretta Davis says:

    Wow what a wonderful tribute to the bride and groom. Beautiful!

  4. Delaine Chilcutt says:


  5. Michelle Turner Eaton says:

    Absolutely beautiful images!

  6. Christy Simmons Hays says:

    Beautiful pictures!!

  7. Beth Dickson Thomas says:

    Very pretty pictures!Caitlin was gorgeous♡♡♡☆☆☆

  8. Terri Lynn DeLoach says:

    They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, well you can see the love that they have between them just by the looks they give each other! Also you can tell that they have all the love and support from wonderful,family and friends! These pictures are worth more than a thousand words! Congratulations Sherry to you and your family! I’m so excited for you!!!!!

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