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Wow, it’s never taken me this long to blog a family trip. #newbornlife But better now than never, right?! I’m so excited to share with you all our amazing trip to the south of France this past July. Ellie was a mere 6 weeks old and after so many people reaching out to me about […]


While visiting in France this summer, I was privileged with the opportunity to capture an special time in my cousin Maxime’s life.  Maxime was christened in Bretagne at one of the local Catholic churches and I was so excited that the family asked me to take photographs at the ceremony.  This was unlike anything I’ve […]

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I have dreamt about visiting Paris since I was a little girl.  Studying the French language in middle school and high school didn’t help my quickly growing obsession with all things Paris. As I’m walking through the streets of Paris, I imagined myself as a college student living in one of the adorable, quaint apartment […]