Mother-Daughter Trip to St. Augustine

My gorgeous mother had the opportunity to come spend an entire week with me in Florida and I soaked up every minute of it! One day we went exploring around Gainesville seeing new shops, restaurants, and eating our weight in Gigi’s cupcakes, then the next day we had a pamper day where we got our hair and nails done (MUCH needed!), and on this day we went on a short road trip over to St. Augustine Beach.  It’s she radiant?

2014-02-21_0001 2014-02-21_0002 2014-02-21_0003 2014-02-21_0004

2014-02-21_0005 2014-02-21_0006 2014-02-21_0007 2014-02-21_0008 2014-02-21_0009 2014-02-21_0010 2014-02-21_0011 2014-02-21_0012



After I took these, she insisted on taking photos of me as well. I set up the camera for each situation and she handled the rest like a pro! I love these of me.


2014-02-21_0013 2014-02-21_0014 2014-02-21_0015 2014-02-21_0016 2014-02-21_0017 2014-02-21_0018

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