Pilates Branding Session Absolute Pilates | Brentwood, TN

I loved working with the talented instructors at Absolute Pilates in Brentwood, TN. We started their pilates branding session with classic headshots for their website bios, and we then moved onto studio details. We also got to create some shots with the instructors doing actual exercises you would see in class on their equipment.

For branding sessions, I think a cohesive look with outfits and styling is important to create the base for the brand identity. The instructors all wore black for this session, which worked perfectly with the studio equipment.

Showing friendly faces and expertise is key during a branding session. We purposefully worked to capture instructors in their element and having fun. Seeing this kind of authenticity really helps engage the audience. In this case, people interested in pilates will be able to view the Absolute Pilates website, see how the equipment works, and hopefully feel a connection to the instructors. Through these photos, viewers can see instructor’s skill and be inspired to join a class themselves.

These ladies were so much fun to be around and photograph! We had so many laughs, and I know they were sore by the end of our 2 hour session together! Holding poses for photos isn’t always easy but these ladies killed it 😉

If I lived in Brentwood, I would join this studio ASAP. Seriously! They’re so awesome and I know I would be in amazing shape because of these instructors and the high quality equipment at the studio.


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