Our 6 year anniversary

For today’s blog post, my husband, Vincent, decided to take over the blog and to write a little something about our marriage from his perspective.  It made me smile and I hope it makes you smile too!  Happy Anniversary sweetheart! I love you so much!










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Six of my favorite memories after 6 happy years of marriage

First on the list is our wedding day. We were so excited to promise that we would love each other for the rest of our lives. Although we made this incredible promise to love each other forever, a fulfilling and happy marriage necessitates the choice to continue to love your spouse each day with the same love you both shared when you exchanged “I do’s”.” I’m blessed to say that the daily choice for both of us has been the easiest choice we make every day.

Our first big trip together was to Orlando, Florida for Spring Break 2011. We had a one-day pass to Walt Disney World as a gift from some of our greatest friends and splurged on a four-day pass to Universal Studios. We had such a great time escaping from school and acting like kids while running through Hogwarts and the Magic Kingdom. It has served as a constant reminder through our marriage to enjoy every day together with child-like joy.

The swearing-in ceremony after passing the bar was such a great moment in our lives together. It was the culmination of three years of law school with many sleep deprived nights and late-night McDonalds runs, the stress of a bar exam come and gone and a long-awaited arrival into the professional world. It was something we worked for together and had finally achieved. There is no greater feeling than working through our greatest challenges together and making it through to the final triumphs.

Next, our trip to London and Paris was a dream come true. Liz had always wanted to go to Paris, and I had always wanted to go to London. In one very special trip, both dreams came true. From gold medal games at the 2012 Olympics to the Eiffel tower sparkling at midnight, we enjoyed every minute of our trip. Crossing items off of our bucket lists together is something I hope we always push to the front of our daily lives.

Fifth on the list is moving into our new home in Chicago. The process of buying a home can be incredibly stressful. Between the mortgage application and the negotiations with current homeowners, this step is rarely as glorious as you would hope. The purchase of our new home in Chicago was no exception. However, after a long journey, we finally closed on our new home and enjoyed our first night in our new condo in the city. Our realtor sent a lovely dinner, and we just enjoyed being in our living room with no furniture, looking at the big city skyline. So often, the path to the biggest milestones in life are encumbered by little roadblocks best conquered with the love of your life. Looking back, the struggles are usually not as difficult as they felt in the moment, and the future is full of great things to come.

Last on the list are all the memories to come. It’s as much fun to look towards the future as it is to relish in the past, and I am so excited about adding to our list of adventures together. Happy six years my love!

  1. Diane Todd says:

    Love your post Happy Anniversary.

  2. Kathy Hamilton says:

    Happy 6th Anniversary to you 2. Wishing you many, many more years of making memories to be cherished forever.

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