Lauren + Adam’s Proposal

I’m still in shock. My sister is engaged!

Props to Adam who was a complete gentleman, took her shopping, made her feel special and beautiful, and planned this whole night.  It couldn’t have been more perfect for Lauren.  This was SO her and I couldn’t wait to get down to Memphis, TN to photograph their proposal.

Once arriving, I was given access backstage to put my camera equipment in a locked security closet.  To see all the props, actors, and masks laying around was surreal.  I was escorted to my seat where I watched just about the entire play until I had to go backstage again to set up.  When I went backstage again I experienced the actors singing backstage in their costumes, watched the men pull the large stage curtains up and down, and heard the stage managers call out cues for everyone.  It was so neat and it really took me back to the days when I used to act in school plays!

Special thanks to The Orpheum who made everything go smoothly, gave us no problems, and made this night so incredibly special for the two of them.  I have such a fun and positive experience from this night and it will always be in my memories.  I know it will be for Lauren and Adam!  Congratulations to you guys! I’m so happy for you!


Outside The Orpheum


Before the play, they were given a letter by the PR manager that said they were randomly selected for a backstage tour with The Phantom after the show.  Lauren was shocked and started crying- she was living a dream of hers tonight.  Little did she know, the letter was not random- it was just a plan to get her on stage without her knowing what was to happen next.




And of course she said yes!




This was her face after realizing that it was me behind the camera!


The actors who planned Christine and Raoul in the play were incredibly sweet!  They came out to Congratulate them after the proposal and took a photo with them.



After leaving The Orpheum, I told Lauren that our parents and our brother were in town and we drove and met my parents at The Cheesecake Corner downtown.



Me with the happy couple!





  1. Eva Mallard says:

    Beautiful pictures Liz. Made Aunt Cookie Cry!!!

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