Um…guys. Can we talk about this INSANE weather we’re having in Chicago today? What is going on? Snow then rain, then sunny, crazy wind and cold, ….and currently a BLIZZARD. haha! AH!  Sadly the engagement session I had for today had to be rescheduled, but to look on the bright side, it does allow time for me to snuggle up next to my sick husband and sweet pup, binge watch some TV shows, and relive our time in New Zealand.

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Sydney, Australia

Cairns, Australia

Today, I’m sharing about our 2 days in Nelson! It’s a beautiful, small town on the northern coast of the south island. We’ve pretty much decided that we’re going to retire here one day. The food was the BEST we had in all of New Zealand.  It was full of charm, sweet people, and the scenery wasn’t bad either! 🙂




While exploring the city, we found a gorgeous garden called Queen’s Garden that was gifted to the city of Nelson by Queen Victoria and was opened in 1892. I love a beautiful garden!


It was SUCH a gorgeous day so we decided to hike a goat trail up to the Centre of New Zealand! Funny story here. We were so excited, thinking that this was the ACTUAL center of New Zealand. We learned later, that this is not true. The center is actually somewhere in the Golden Downs Forest in Spooners Range. WAH WAH. Oh well, though! It was a gorgeous walk!