Welcome back! This is the last post about our amazing trip to Australia and New Zealand (for now! I can’t wait to share photos from something we did while we were there! Coming in a few weeks!)

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Sydney, Australia

Cairns, Australia

Nelson, New Zealand

Blenheim, New Zealand

Our last 4 days in New Zealand were spent in beautiful Queenstown and on a day trip to Milford Sound.  While I wasn’t initially excited for the several hour bus ride there, I am so happy we went! The views were truly something straight out of a fairytale book…like well, Lord of the Rings! They call this area Fiordland and it is absolutely unbelievable to see in person. I hope that I did the place justice by photographs, but there’s something to be said about seeing this yourself…up close and personal.

Our tour was with Mitre Peak and it was great! The bus ride was actually quite nice and we were able to stop a few times along the way to Milford Sound to sight see, take photos, or grab a snack. My favorite stop was called Mirror Lakes.  You could see such a crystal clear reflection of the mountains in the water. I loved it!


A few hours later, we reach the roads leading up to Milford Sound. So majestic! Even in the rain and fog, it was stunning!ElizabethNordPhotography_0976

We’re here!!! FINALLY! We hop on the boat and take off at exactly 2pm! ElizabethNordPhotography_0979

I walk up to the front of the boat and just stood in awe. I cannot believe these views!ElizabethNordPhotography_0980

Just to put it in perspective at how big these fiords are…see that tiny orange boat?? Yeah…ElizabethNordPhotography_0981

All of a sudden the clouds swept the entire sky and it turned very dark for a while.  Only the smallest of light was able to shine through and it was absolutely stunning.ElizabethNordPhotography_0982

Yay! It’s light again! Thanks to the rain, there were waterfalls all over the place! ElizabethNordPhotography_0983


This is probably my favorite shot from the entire trip. I just love the light shining through at the very top!ElizabethNordPhotography_0993ElizabethNordPhotography_0994ElizabethNordPhotography_0995ElizabethNordPhotography_0996ElizabethNordPhotography_0997ElizabethNordPhotography_0998

See? Waterfalls EVERYWHERE! ElizabethNordPhotography_0999

The captain said that he sees dolphins only about once a week. I was so excited that they decided to come up and play for us!ElizabethNordPhotography_1000ElizabethNordPhotography_1001

This one caught a fish and was obviously showing it off!ElizabethNordPhotography_1002ElizabethNordPhotography_1003ElizabethNordPhotography_1004

We even got to see seals!!! EEK! I love those guys!ElizabethNordPhotography_1005

And MORE WATERFALLS! This one got us soaked!ElizabethNordPhotography_1006ElizabethNordPhotography_1007ElizabethNordPhotography_1008ElizabethNordPhotography_1009

Complimentary tea on the ship was such a nice touch! It was reallllllly cold…especially after I got soaked from the waterfall and the rain!

As I reflect back on this trip, I think about how grateful I am for this time to be with Vince and to explore the world that God created. It’s just so majestic and beautiful, especially New Zealand. I am thankful for our friends who watched our pup, Charlie, for us while we were gone and for our loving friends and family that checked up on us while we were traveling. Thank you all for allowing me to share this incredible trip with you! Travel is one of my loves and I hope you enjoyed seeing the photos as much as I loved taking them 🙂

P.S. THIS photo below was taken by Vince! Didn’t he do a great job!? 🙂