Maroo Wedding Pro's Newest Payment Platform

Hi fellow wedding industry vendors! I’m so excited to let you know about one of the hottest, new payment platforms that has been designed specifically for wedding professionals.

It’s called MAROO.

It’s the perfect place to pay your contractors or team, other vendors, or for your clients to pay you as well! Much like venmo or paypal, all you need is an account (which is free). Connect your bank account and you’re ready to go.

The best part? It allows the user to set up a payment plan for their clients. Give them a 3, 6, or 12 month option or simply set it up so they pay your retainer and then remaining balance before the wedding date as most people do (including myself). But I love the option of a payment plan in case your client asks for one and it works for your business model. It can really take the stress away from your clients who may be paying for their wedding vendors in huge lump sums.

You can create invoices for people to pay or they can search for your business name and pay you directly through their account! It’s really quite simple.

Wanna give it a try? Click here!

Maroo was recently published in the New York Times! You can check out that article here. It’s a great read and explains how they use the buy now-pay later option within the program.
Photos taken from their website. They are not my own.

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