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I’m so excited to kick off the month of June with my first vendor spotlight! I’d like to introduce you to my sweet friend and fellow wedding vendor, Mallory Powell with Chi Chic Weddings & Events! I recommend hiring a wedding planner to all my couples for many reasons. Whether you decide to hire them for full service planning or “day of” coordination, you won’t regret having a skilled planner on your big day. Not only do they make your wedding day run smoothly, but they calm you, make sure everyone is where they need to be, keep everything running on time, take care of all the little things that you probably didn’t even know you’d have to deal with on your wedding day, and SO MUCH MORE. I can’t even begin to tell you all the amazingness that Mallory does for her clients! I always love working with Mallory and highly recommend everyone on her team. Below you can read more about Mallory and her company Chi Chic Weddings & Events!

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Mallory Powell ChiChic Weddings and Events

How did you become a wedding planner? How long have you been in business?

I was first introduced to the Wedding & Events industry in 2012, when I was planning my own wedding. At that time, Id spent several years working in advertising (with a very similar day-to-day job, but corporate clients) and had been looking for a career that would feed into my acquired skill set, but also give me a bit more emotional pay off. I wanted to feel like I was making a difference in the world (even if it were just to one person, on one day!). Through my own venue, I was connected to another wedding and event company where I worked for about a year and a half, before opening CHI Chic Weddings & Events in 2015.

Do you have a team? Tell us about them!
I have the worlds most FABULOUS team! We have 3 planners (myself, plus two Senior Associates, named Ashley and Alexis) who take the lead on events; the remainder are our fabulous support staff for day-of-events (called Junior Planners). I owe everything to their support – they are the brightest and best in the biz!

Where can someone typically find you? What are you likely doing?

Like any small-business owner, during the week, youre most likely to find me at the CCWE studio or out on client appointments (at venues and with other fabulous vendors)! If its summer, on the weekends, Im on-site for events (or recovering and resting on a Sunday). That said, when I have a moment away from work I always try to get in quality time with my husband, family (and dog!), and my friends. Whether that’s entertaining at our house or grabbing dinner and drinks – in true event-planner fashion, we’re always gathering and celebrating something! 

What’s your favorite place in Chicago to hang out, have a drink, etc?

I have so many favorites spots in all different corners of the city! With our offices near downtown, I frequent a lot of places in the River North area! If there is wine and an outdoor space – Im in! My husband and I live in the North Suburbs (Glenview) so we also frequent a little area near our house, called The Glen- it has lots of cute little boutiques, restaurants, and bars. We love walking our dog through the nearby park and grabbing a drink on an outdoor patio!

What’s your favorite wedding month or season?

100% Fall! I absolutely love Chicago in September and October. The temperatures are generally a bit cooler and less humid, the foliage begins to change, and sunset is a little earlier (making for some lovely al fresco cocktail hours and sunset dinners)! 

What’s one piece of advice you’d give to someone who’s planning a wedding?

No surprises here but – hire a professional wedding planner! Overall, it seems people underestimate the importance of hiring a planner or coordinator; unfortunately, most seem to view planning and coordination as a luxury and are often “sticker-shocked” when they begin to research services and fees. On the contrary, a planner/coordinator is the single most important decision you will make during the entire planning process! I highly recommend that every client work with, at least, a day-of-coordinator. Not only will working with a planner save you much stress during the planning process and on the day-of your dream wedding but, an experienced & ethical professional can also often end up paying for their own service. A planner’s experience and industry connections will match you with vendors, venues, and pricing that you will be unlikely to find on your own! Even more importantly, its most important to find a planner that you connect with on a personal level. You should certainly be comfortable with their services & professionalism, but you should also truly “click” with them since you’ll be spending a lot of time with your planner.

What’s a common mistake you see couples without planners make?

Generally, those working without a planner lack a point of reference when it comes to all things wedding! Without this key insight it can be very challenging to know what pricing is typical or fair (and, then, overspend or commit too much budget to one area), to find vendors that are matched to your desired style/personality/service needs and that are great to work with, and know how long events will take (couples dont leave enough time and will be rushed and/or miss out on things on the day of the wedding). Any experienced wedding planner can address all of these issues and more and, also, bring your dream wedding day to fruition without all the stress and hard work of handling solo!

What separates you from the other planners in Chicago? 

I am so proud of the professionalism, follow through, and attention to detail that each member of my team puts into every event. We endeavor to make each client feel like our only client through our responsiveness, preparedness, and attention to every detail. I may be biased, but I think think we do that better than anyone else in the business!

Pick ONE brand. Which one speaks to your personality and style the most?

I am a huge Kate Spade enthusiast! Overall, the brand is incredibly classic, but also integrates color and pattern in a way that is contemporary and spunky! It’s luxurious, but not ostentatious. What could be better? 🙂

What inspires you? 

Its cheesy and predictable, but I love LOVE. Im always incredibly inspired and driven by the relationships and love between my couples and with their families and friends. I get to know my clients incredibly well during the planning process and it can be hard not to be emotionally invested. In the end, however, it helps me understand and react better on behalf of my clients (and it’s also not uncommon to see my crying my own eyes out on a wedding day out of sheer happiness!)!

Describe your typical client.

I really take pride in not having one defined style, aesthetic, or type of client. Generally, regardless of location, style, or budget, we value anyone that values our expertise and are happy to work with everyone! That said, based on our geography and general price point, we do focus mostly on city weddings, with the occasional suburban or North Shore wedding (in addition to traveling with clients to far-away destinations). We also have a great deal of experience with traditional, multicultural or religious (including South Asian), or fusion weddings.


You can contact and learn more about Mallory and her company, Chi Chic Weddings & Events, through her website. 

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