Where to begin!? So much to say!  London and Paris was, by far, my favorite European trip to date.

Let’s begin with London…  My mother in law and I ventured out into the Cotswolds (about 2 hours outside of London) with a small bus tour.  The following are a few of my favorite images from the Cotswolds.

The town of Bibury  


Bourton on the Water


The town of Burford had thing AMAZING restaurant.  It had the best fish and chips…best in England!


That cool guy on the left here is my father-in-law.  He was one of the doctors for the USA men & women’s boxing team this year.  Even though he was there for the boxing team, he “floated” and went all over the Olympics going where he was needed.  He got to meet some amazing athletes! The guy in the middle is my brother-in-law, Keith and the girl on the right…? You guessed it! It’s me 😉  I was still suffering from jet lag so excuse the look I have going on.  We three went to the USA women’s volleyball match one night.  


Big Ben!!  This upshot of Big Ben was taken with my wide angle lens. I found this perspective to be really interesting!


Honestly? I was scared to stand next to the Royal Guards…so I posed with a policeman instead! 🙂



This was as close as I got. haha (Excuse the terrible picture of me!!-I was sick!)


The Tower Bridge was all over T.V. in the U.S. while the Olympics were going on.  I was so excited to see it in person! That handsome man standing next to me is my sweet husband, Vincent.



My husband is a huge soccer fan so he was thrilled to visit Chelsea Football Stadium.  Yes, the English call soccer, football! Still confuses me sometimes!  


Vincent and I went to see what his dad gets to see every day- men’s boxing!  


Windsor Castle- definitely worth the train ride out there. Loved this place! If you ever go, check out the doll house!!


Vince and I got to go to the Gold Tournament!! USA v. Japan Women’s Soccer

I got to photograph Tony Dungy with my husband and father-in-law…

…and go to the USA house. EEK! I was so excited!


Favorite things about London:

-The people

-Fish and Chips

-The pubs

-Riding in the double decker buses

-Learning how to use public transportation throughout the city: underground, overground, buses, etc!

-Living in a local’s home, truly feeling like an English family!

-Going to the USA Women’s Gold Soccer Match at the 2012 Olympics!


-Sitting at the press desk in the Chelsea Football Club press room

-meeting Tony Dungy and his wife

-meeting Susan Francia who was a part of the “Women’s eight” (USA Women’s rowing team) and won Gold

-going to the USA house where all the athletes celebrated their victories and went to hang out

-Seeing a royal guard crack a smile! Even though I don’t like that the kids made him smile (they find it VERY disrespectful to mess with the guards), it was still an experience!  Kind of felt bad for him afterwards though.