**UPDATED AS OF MARCH 17, 2021**

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As a small business owner, I wear many hats.  I am the photographer, retoucher, secretary, accountant, etc.  As my business has grown, I’ve searched for an online system that would allow me to be all of these things without stressing and breaking the bank.  I wanted to find somewhere that was easy to use, easy to set up, easy to maintain…did I mention that it was easy?!  I wanted a system that had quick and amazing customer service, that listened to its subscribers suggestions on new improvements/updates, and somewhere that provided professional invoices and contracts templates.

FINALLY, I found 17hats.  I was one of the first to sign up when it first launched in 2014 and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it!  I patiently waited for its release and as soon as I set it up, I was in complete awe.  17hats literally does everything that I need and they’re continuing improving this platform.  I cannot praise 17hats enough…I am IN LOVE and can’t imagine organizing my business without it!

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*To protect my privacy as well as others, I’ve blocked what is on my account*

What can you do with 17 hats?

Create and send contracts. Clients can sign online for easy and fast signing!

Create and send invoices.

Accept payments

  • Pay through Credit card (through Stripe for a 2.9% +30 cents fee)
  • Acceptance of E-checks or ACH (Automated Clearing House) – you now have an option other than waiting forever for a check or paying hundreds of dollars in fees to credit card companies. Your clients can choose the E-check option and you will never pay more than $5 per transaction. WHATTTT??? Life. changed.
  • Schedule payments/payment plans – I use this with every single one of my wedding day clients. I require a 50% deposit at booking and the remaining balance 90 days before their wedding date, so I just schedule the invoice for 2 payments. No more confusion on when it’s due! It says the due dates on the bottom of each invoice.
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– Create and send questionnaires in a simple and clean format!

– There is a calendar!

  • This organizes my entire life. No joke.  You can sync the calendar to your phone and Google calendar too, so you’re never without it
  • I love that I can organize my life with multiple calendars. I have one for monthly business tasks/tax reminders (green), one for holidays or travel (purple), and one for daily tasks (blue). I color coordinate them so I know which is which, too. Plus…it makes my calendar look pretty 🙂


how to organize with 17hats

– Create to-do lists and workflows! It reminds you based on the due date you give it and keeps you accountable, which I LOVE. No more guessing what needs to be done, what you have or haven’t sent, etc. To do lists and your set workflows will always keep you on track.

– Set up a general workflow for each inquiry, wedding, portrait client you have.  You can always add or subtract things as needed, but never again will you be wondering if you sent that USB to the client yet or if you followed up about the wedding timeline.


– Set up email, contract, invoice, and questionnaire templates for yourself so you don’t have to type the same message to different clients each time! It saves SO much time!


– All of your clients have a file that you can create with their names, contact information, and important dates! Here, you’ll also find your email interactions, their contract, invoice, and so much more.

– PLUS did I mention that it’s totally affordable?! Someone pinch me!


Bonus features!

– It tells you the current weather today as well as when the sunset is! No need to go to the weather channel or search for the sunset time!

Screen Shot 2015-06-04 at 3.53.47 PM

– It tells you when your contract, questionnaire, or invoices have been viewed by the clients.  No more wondering if they got your email or not!

– This is not just for photographers! I’ve heard of designers, lawyers, consultants, entertainers, caterers, and other business owners that use 17hats and love it! So what are you waiting for?

– Recurring invoices and time tracking  – These are cool options if this is something you need for your business. I don’t personally use these, but I love this idea!

– There’s an app! – 17hats has been working really hard to develop an app for its users and it’s great. I use it every day when I’m on the go.

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What are you waiting for?!

Try it out for yourself and see if 17hats is right for you and your business! Be sure to use this link or use the referral code: liznord to receive 50% off your purchase!

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