Goodbye 25 and HELLO 26!


So…I’m officially in my late 20s.  When did this happen? Oh yeah, a few days ago I guess! Wow, 25 really flew by.

A lot happened in my life this past year.

1.  I lived in Florida (Jan-May)

2. ENP celebrated its 3rd year in April!

3. Vince and I celebrated 5 years of wedding bliss!

4.  I lived in Tennessee (May-August)

5. I moved to Chicago in August and it’s been so much fun!

6. Since arriving in Chicago, I’ve photographed 9 weddings, 9 sessions, and 2 proposals!

7. We got our photos taken by my new friend Britta Marie Photography and I’m so in love with them!  Didn’t she just knock them out of the park!?


Thank you all for making this past year an unforgettable one! My friend told me that since I turned 26 on the 26th of Dec that this is my Golden Year!  WOOHOO! I cannot wait to see what my 26th year brings!

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