Ft Myers, Florida Vacation

This past week has been a little quiet, as I’m sure you could tell!  Vince and I had a very relaxing (and much needed) vacation to Ft Myers, Florida for an entire week.  I toggled back and forth on whether to take my camera with me, but ultimately decided to leave it at home.  I only took photos with my iPhone, but I still wanted to share a few photos with you guys on the blog today!  Fingers crossed for warmer weather soon in Chicago!




We had several windy days which made sunbathing hard to do, but it was still so nice to be in 50-60 degree weather!



One day we ventured out to Sanibel Island!  We spent the afternoon driving around the island and walking along the beach.



We had such an amazing view from the condo!  I just love this place.



Going on dates with Vince has always been my favorite part of a vacation. So much yummy food!



On our last night, we dressed up and went out to Angelina’s where we also went on our honeymoon nearly six years ago.  It was so fun to reminisce about where we sat on that day, what we ordered, and what changed/hadn’t changed since we were there last!


We’re looking for our next vacation spot!! Where have you been that you just love going to?




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