Can I just say that shopping for a man is probably one of the hardest things I’ve ever done? Because truly…guys are so hard to shop for! Girls, do you feel me?! However over the years, I’ve done tons of research. I’ve also listened and watched my husband, my dad, my brother, grooms, as well as their groomsmen.  On the wedding day, I’ve seen the groomsman’s face light up as he receives his thank you gift. I love when they excitedly show me the gift and want it photographed. Over the nearly 6 years that I’ve been in business, I’ve seen all sorts of amazing gifts and today I’m going to share some of my favorites with you all!

The main reason I am showing you these 5 favorites is because, first of all, they are practical! Unlike some gifts that you know are cute but they’re never use again, these gifts will be something they use over and over again. The second reason is because they are memorable! All of these gifts are customizable and are something that, when they look at it, they’ll be reminded of you and your wedding day! That’s pretty darn special if you ask me! So without further ado, here are my top 5 favorite groomsmen gifts!

bridal party present

1. Hand Forged Cap Opener – I love the unique shape and design of this not-so-ordinary bottle opener. It reminds me of something I’d see in the South or in the Pacific North West, and I’m totally digging it.

2. The Cosmopolitan – Much like women who need a small and light weight clutch for certain occassions, men need something small and light weight as well. A heavy wallet can be really uncomfortable and even cause lower back pain! Give your groomsmen the gift of a minimalistic, personalized wallet. It would be great for travel, going out for the night, or even to use daily!

3. Travel Marvel – Do your groomsmen love to travel? If so, then this is the gift for them! A personalized deep brown and burgundy leather travel bag that they could put all their bathroom products in would be the perfect way to say thank you.

4. Fashional Four – If you’re anything like my husband, you love unique whisky glasses. I really love the fact that they’re shaped specifically to bring out the aromas of the whisky you’re drinking! Customize them by putting an initial on the glass to really personalize it for each of your groomsmen. I personally have some monogrammed wine glasses at my home and they’re my favorite glasses to drink wine from! These are always a hit!

5. Alphacuffs & Friends – In my experience, cufflinks are one of those things that guys just don’t seem to own. Why not give them something you KNOW they don’t have and would wear again and again? Cuff links are the perfect, stylish accessory to wear to work or even to special events. I love that this set also comes with a money clip and a gorgeous dark stained wood box.

*Permission was given to use these photos from the Groovy Groomsmen Gifts website.