As many of you already know, we are expecting our first baby in just a few more weeks! We live in a two bedroom condo in downtown Chicago and have been using the second bedroom as my office/the overflow room.  When we found out we were expecting, I knew the office was going to have to share a space with the nursery but the thought quickly overwhelmed me. I’ll admit that I wasn’t sure this was possible. Was I going to have to look for a studio space outside the home? That wasn’t exactly ideal… but if I was going to keep it all in the home, how the heck was I going to fit everything I needed for a nursery into my office space/overflow room? I usually pride myself on keeping a decluttered home but even I have drawers and closets that could use some work. This room was proof of that fact. I had SO much STUFF. After many rounds of decluttering, selling, and throwing away things I never used, I was able to cut it down to only the essentials. And it feels AMAZING!

I had a really hard time picking a “theme” for the nursery. I didn’t what something like everyone else had and I wanted it to reflect a sense of calm, love, and comfort. I went back and forth many times on whether I wanted to include animals, ballerinas, or even a travel theme, but realized I didn’t want just one theme. I decided to keep within a particular color scheme and decorate with items that are special to our family. Ellie’s nursery is filled with items that were given to her from some of our closest friends and family members as well as some amazing Amazon finds! We chose the same crib that my little sister chose for my nephew (but in a different color), the dresser/changing table was hand made by my dad and brother (they even signed the inside… tears), and the bookshelf and office desk was something I already had in my office. The top of the changing table is removable so that when Ellie is old enough and doesn’t need that part anymore, it turns into just a dresser. This will be such an amazing keepsake for her! The gray chair was my biggest splurge purchase and it’s worth every penny! It not only glides, but it also reclines electronically so it’s easy to put back, nurse, and take a nap with Ellie. Vince and I both have already napped on that chair!

I’m so proud of this nursery/office space now! It functions perfectly for us right now and hope that it proves to be that way once Ellies arrives. I’m sure we’ll have to adjust a bit once she starts crawling and walking, but I figured we’ll take it one step at a time (pun intended)! 😉 I’ve had lots of questions about where I got many of the items in the nursery so below I’ve included links to where I purchased some of the items you’ll see in the photos. If you have a question about a particular item that’s not listed, just ask! I’d be happy to let you know where it came from. Full disclosure: Some of the links do include affiliate links but I’d love for you to use those links if my nursery inspired you to purchase that item! 🙂 Every little bit helps support this business of mine!

baby girl nursery ideasGlider/Rocker
target decor
Gold round wall decorNursery baby girlBaby hangers

Closet organizers

Pink closet storage boxes

Diaper Bag

Office Desk chicago nursery
office and nursery decor
Canvas painting



gold and white target lamp


Lamb Toy
Gold magnetic bead display: Paper SourceHexagon Letter Chalk board

Nursery ideas for white and gray roomDresser/(removable) Changing Table: Handmade by my dad and brother
handmade dresser and changing tableKnobs and Pulls from Etsywhite, pink, green, and gray nurseryCustom “ellie grace” canvas

Hanging planter vases
Elephant money bank

Hey baby Kate Spade memory book


My 2nd Trimester Update

Our Babymoon