Christmas time at The Nords

It’s finally December, my favorite month of the year!  It’s the month of Christmas, my birthday, and the month that leads to the New Year!  I am so excited to decorate this year at our new Chicago home and to feel like we’re really starting to settle in.

Something I’ve started doing this year was saving my normal “junk mail” magazines.  Typically, I take two seconds to look at magazines that come in the mail and then throw them away.  This year, I decided to keep two of my favorite Christmas decor magazines simply for decoration!  I love seeing the color on my coffee table and I’ve even noticed my guests going through them just for fun! Of course, no coffee table is complete without some amazing homemade camera coasters (made by my friend Eileen Hyatt) and a bottle of white wine!


I’m a little obsessed with my french table and the fact that I finally figured out a way to fit it into our new home.  I really wasn’t looking forward to leaving it back in Tennessee!


I’m in love with our view and our cozy living room!


One of my favorite gifts so far this year is this super cute repurposed wine glass candle!



This is our (me and my husband) first Christmas tree…ever!  Over the past 5 years, we were students and typically home in Tennessee for the majority of December so we never decorated that much in our own home.  But this year, we are both out of school (finally!) and will be home for the majority of November and December.  I got really excited and started decorating a week before Thanksgiving…don’t judge!  I’m so excited to finally hang a few of our ornaments that we’ve collected over the years and to have a gorgeous tree to hang them on!

First, our FIRST Christmas ornament 🙂


Another few favorites: Tinkerbell and the Moose.   Tinkerbell was bought at Disney World in Orlando, FL representing our short time living in Florida.  The Moose was bought in Knoxville, TN where we lived for 3 years and of course, represents our home state. GO VOLS!


More favorites!

The Eiffel Tower represents our trip to Paris, France together and the Windsor Castle crown ornament represents our trip to England that same year.


What are some ways that you’ve decorated your home this year?

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