A Chicago Elopement Style Wedding Christian and Johanna

Christian and Johanna, like most couples, know just how stressful planning a wedding can be.  Together they agreed that they wanted their wedding day to be small, intimate and full of stress-free fun, so they decided to get married at the Justice of the Peace and then have a reception at Tanta where they would be surrounded by their closest family and friends.  However, this did not mean that they wanted to skip out of the photographs documenting their downtown Chicago wedding, so when they called me with their unique request, I was more than happy to say YES!

You would never know that Christian and Johanna had never been in front of the camera, because they were seriously amazing!  They nearly posed themselves throughout the entire session and they even broke out into their own version of the pose I put them in (which I LOVE!)  More than anything, I love that they trusted me whole heartedly with location choices, lighting situations, and with capturing the best moments of their day.  Just makes my little photographer heart SO happy!

Congratulations Christian and Johanna! I am so incredibly happy for you guys and wish you the absolute best in your new life together!






Thank you Aileen for second shooting alongside me for their wedding day 🙂

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