Max and Sarah’s MileNorth Hotel Wedding

Max and Sara, both originally from China, met as children but began to date while in college. When Max proposed, he created his own computer program that showed Sara pieces of what he wanted to say to her, day by day for a week.  She anxiously waited for the messages each day and even though she tried, she couldn’t break the code for the program herself to read all of them at once! At the end of the week, the final question was asked, and of course, she said yes!

It is tradition that before the ceremony begins, the groom is to knock on the door of the bride’s room (or parents home) which is followed my a series of questions that he must answer before he is let into the room.  Once he is in the door he must then perform a physical test of some sort.  In this case, he was asked to do a push up with the flower girl on his back to prove his strength and his devotion to take care of the bride. After the physical test, he is taken to the bridesmaids to answer their questions as well.  Finally, he repurposes to the bride in front of everyone.

After the series of questions, physical tests and reproposal, the bride and groom present tea to the brides parents, the grooms parents, and then to grandparents.  They are then presented with red envelopes filled with money.  The bride and groom sip the tea filled with dates, eat some of the dates, then spit out the seed.  The seed represents the number of children they will have and the prayer for quick child bearing.

Their closest family and friends all traveled from China and met at The MileNorth Hotel in Chicago for Max and Sara’s intimate rooftop wedding day.  Even though red was not a primary wedding color, dashes of red were definitely seen throughout the wedding day because it symbolizes good luck.  Red was seen on the tea cups used during their traditional tea ceremony, on the money packs that were used to hold money given to them from their family and friends, and on the decorations throughout the cocktail hour.  The ceremony and reception was filled with different shades of pink and white, showcasing the gorgeous city rooftop.


Vendor Spotlight

Photographer: Elizabeth Nord Photography

Wedding Planner: Elisa Juster with The Simply Elegant Group

Hair Stylist and Makeup Artist: Kate Johnson Artistry

Florist: Victoria from Atmosphere Events Group

Bride’s dress: David’s Bridal

Catering: MileNorth Hotel

2nd Photographer: Jennifer Ruetten




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