When I received a call from the lovely ladies at CityGirl Weddings, I knew this proposal was going to be an amazing one. I’ve worked with them before on a proposal so I’m always excited to see what they have planned for the next one! Each proposal is so unique and special to the couple.

Andrew had just finished running the Chicago marathon.  Exhausted, he quickly changed into a suit that his friend brought for him at the finish line so that he could surprise his girlfriend Ann as she finished running the marathon too.  Keeping up with her whereabouts, he met her near the finish line and she was, at first, confused as to why he was wearing a suit, wondering if he even ran the marathon.  Then, it hit her! He’s proposing! Being proposed to after running a marathon had always been a dream of Ann’s so this was literally a dream come true! Ecstatic, she said yes and he gave her a bouquet of flowers that was created by ZuZu’s Petals and introduced me to her.  She was so excited and happy to have this all documented! They then rode on a pedicab to the Lincoln Park Zoo where we ended with a few portraits of the two of them.