Katie Lord Inc. – Branding Session

When my sweet friend and neighbor Katie asked me to do a branding session for her and her company, Katie Lord Inc., I was so excited! Any chance I can get to work with my friends, I am all about it! We had tons of fun going around the city and also taking some photos in her gorgeous office.

Guess what, guys?! Her website just went LIVE! RIGHT NOW. Click here to see the new site and to learn more about Katie Lord Inc.



katie lord branding

Katie Lord is the CEO, Creative Director of Katie Lord Inc. A Chicagoland agency that helps startups and companies link digital strategy, design and technology to engage customers and create beautiful experiences. Through marketing, she has helped companies achieve almost $50M in venture capital funding. Her agency’s goal is to give all companies an opportunity to have good design and user experiences with a flexible scope of work.

Katie Lord brandingKatie Lord Branding
Katie Lord Branding


“I’ve been in Chicago for the last 10 years and have fallen in love with the city, especially River North. It’s become a huge part of my identity. There’s always something to new to do or visit every weekend. My family and friends have a never ending list of restaurants to try throughout the city. I enjoy running with my samoyed puppy Ymka and visiting Chicago’s parks and river walk.” -Katie ElizabethNordPhotography_1064


  1. Shaunáe Teske says:

    Aww I love this Elizabeth! Great work as always!!

  2. Shalyce R. Tyson says:

    Awesome job, love this!

  3. Alexandria Shea says:

    Lovely photos! Great job keeping everything in a clear brand.

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