2019 was the biggest wedding season yet for ENP and it was oh so beautiful! I know 2020 is going to be even more amazing. I CAN FEEL IT!

For my first blog post of the new decade, I couldn’t think of a better one than that of my yearly behind the scenes post. It’s always so much fun looking through all of the photos that my amazing second photographers and assistants take of me doing my thing on a wedding day. Don’t worry, these are just a handful from each day as I promise they’re primarily there to capture YOUR amazing faces! That’s also why not every wedding I photograph will be seen on this post. Some days are easier to grab shots like this while others go by SO fast that we don’t have any spare moments. It’s always a bonus when my crew is able to capture some fun ones like these for me so I can post this every single year! I hope you guys enjoy seeing me in action as much as I love being a part of your amazing days. To my 2020 couples, you just wait! You may see some photos from YOUR special day on the blog this time next year! 🙂 I love love love what I do and I always bring amazing second photographers with me to capture your day. I know you’ll love them too! Thanks to all of YOU (Alex, Carol, Chantal, Chelsea, Janet, Laura, Lauryn, Maria, Michelle, + Nicole) for making this post possible! xoxoxo


Now I want to share some things that I think make me more than “just a photographer” and things you’ll notice as you scroll through the photos!

  • I look at how your hair is laying around your face to make sure no big pieces are out of place.
  • I make sure the groomsmen have all phone, keys, and wallets out of their pockets.
  • I help guide you on how to cut the wedding cake.
  • I style all your details and even bring my own collection of ribbons, ring boxes, and more to make your images pop.
  • I have an emergency kit of scissors, dress tape, advil, snacks, and more. This has come in handy more than you know!
  • I bring large, clear umbrellas on a rainy day. I’m all about rainy day photos!!
  • I take off my shoes when I’m photographing your ceremony details so that I don’t get the runner or stage dirty.
  • I take off my shoes when I’m photographing your getting ready details. But I don’t really have a reason for why… I just do. I swear it makes the photos better 😉
  • I may or may not pose for silly photos as you walk away because I’m just SO excited about the photos we just took!
  • I LOVE working with other amazing, talented, and respectful vendors that work WITH me, not against me! Ask me about videographers (well, any vendor for that matter!) that I love working with!
  • Detail photos and couple portraits are my favorite parts of any wedding day! But I love the whole day, let’s be real 😉
  • I’ll ease your nerves by showing you a couple of the shots straight out of camera! Trust me, you look AMAZING.
  • I make sure your hands and fingers are relaxed instead of stiff. I want you to look as comfortable and natural as possible.
  • I’m basically your personal dress fluffer. I’ll make sure your dress looks spectacular from every angle.
  • I’ll direct you every step of the way. Don’t worry, boo. I got you!
  • I’m puntual, organized, and will keep you on schedule!
  • Long veil? No problem! I loooove cathedral veils and will make them soar in the wind, wrap them around you, or shoot through them for some amazing photos!
  • I may or may not dance on the dance floor for some test shots before your guests arrive. 🙂
  • I’m not afraid to get on the floor or get in a bush for a great shot!
  • I’m not afraid of being a little silly to make you and your wedding party laugh!
  • I will celebrate, laugh, and even cry with you on your wedding day. I love my couples so much and think marriage is such a blessing!

And oh my goodness, there’s SO much more. If you made it this far in reading you are amazing. I loved photographing my 2019 couples and am looking forward to my 2020 and 2021 couples’ weddings!!