When Jackie and Kyle first contacted me back in July, I immediately felt a connection to them. They told me their story and about how they’d always wanted to adopt. They were so excited for this new chapter in their lives! I met them over coffee, discussed what they were hoping for during their sessions, talked about the possibility of me coming to the hospital as they meet their baby for the first time, and everything in between. As newborn/hospital photography is not something that I typically photograph, we laughed, saying “Well, this is a first  for the both of us!” I was thrilled to get the opportunity to document such a special time in their lives!

For their first session, I met Jackie and Kyle at their sweet home in Wicker Park for a “before the baby” session documenting the newly decorated nursery and them as they normally are in their home. The next time I saw Jackie and Kyle, was after I received a text at 1:30am the Monday before Thanksgiving. I immediately got dressed, grabbed my camera, and headed straight to the hospital where the birth mother was in labor. I was only there an hour before the baby (Charlie Grace) made her way into the world. Spending this time with them was incredibly special. Documenting the first time they got to see and hold their brand new baby girl was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. The last session I had with them was to document Charlie and all of her cuteness at her new home. She was the most perfect little angel and did so well for me!  Thank you Jackie and Kyle for asking me to photograph this all for you guys and for trusting me with everything! It was such an honor to be a part of all of this! I will forever feel connected to you all and to Charlie Grace in more ways than one! 🙂

You can read more about their story below!


From Jackie: Kyle and I have been married 11 years, and had been looking into starting our family for many of them. We had talked about the possibility of adopting for just as long. We planned to have biological children first, then look into foster care/adoption. But, God had a different plan. After 7+ years of injections, procedures, miscarriages, and a roller-coaster of emotions, we felt God telling us it was time to pursue adoption. In March of 2016 we started the mounds of paperwork involved in infant domestic adoption…2 months’ worth of weekends in coffee shops completing paperwork on every part of our lives. We heard adoption called ‘a paperwork pregnancy’, and we definitely felt the sentiment of that statement. Once the paperwork, classes, books, lots of prayer and reports were all completed, we were matched with our first birthmother in July. She was due in August. August! We were told to expect 1-2 years before placement… Needless to say, we were elated!

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As is true with many adoption stories, our birthmother ultimately decided to parent her child. We were crushed when our social worker conveyed the news. Kyle and I promptly agreed on the necessity for comfort food that evening. While at dinner, our social worker called back and gave us the news that another birthmother wanted to meet us. Crazy! We hadn’t even processed through what felt like the loss of another child. She assured us that we would love this new birthmother as soon as we met each other. One latte later, we knew that God had orchestrated our journey to specifically be a part of this story. Our birthmother is full of life! She loves God and loves people. How could we ask for a better partner in the life of our child?

Kyle and I met both our birthmother and birthfather multiple times. We laughed together, discussed the hard realities of adoption, and even took maternity photos together. All parties involved wanted an open adoption; an ongoing relationship between our child and her birthparents. There could never be too many people loving one child! Through God’s grace, we were able to choose a name for our child with our birthparents and be invited to her birth. I was able to watch our child be brought into this world, to be present in her first moments on earth. A little girl…daughter of The King! Charlie Grace was born at 3:07 am and our lives were changed forever!

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She officially became ours on Thanksgiving morning. We have much to be thankful for! We are so grateful to our birthparents for the truly amazing gift they have given us.

Charlie Grace, you have been prayed for, sought after, and chosen. You are SO loved!


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