A Letter to My Valentine

Vincent, I just want to take a moment today to write all this things that I love about you.    Thankfully, I get one day a year to be ridiculous mushy on the internet. Yay for Valentine’s Day!  The fact that I’ve loved you for nearly 10 years now is absolutely incredible and so rare.  I found my true love at the young age of 16?!  What a lucky girl I am!


– I love how we still kiss and hug each other good morning and good night.

– I love that you love our dog, Charlie. It may seem kinda weird (for some people) to say, but seeing you with him makes me smile because I know you’re going to love our future children just like that.

– I love the way you literally sweep me off my feet when I’m hurting, taking me to wherever I am trying to go in the house.  “I’ve got you, baby.”

– I love the way you get excited when I get home from shooting a wedding, anxiously waiting to hear me talk about my day over a glass of wine and a foot rub.

– I love the way you smell… honestly. It seems kind of weird to say, but you have a natural scent about you that I just adore. Always have.

– I love when you surprise me with flowers or (my personal favorite) with a sweet treat (specifically macroons or a cupcake) from The French Market just because you walked past it on the way home from work and thought of me.

– I love how you constantly encourage me and lift me up in life and in business.  You are my #1 fan and for that, I can’t thank you enough.

– I love how incredibly smart you are…and if you don’t know the answer you know you’re my master googler 🙂 You’ll find the answer for me.

– I love when you put your arms around my waist and hug me from behind while I’m cooking dinner.

– I love that you still open the door for me and apologize if I ever have to open my own door.

– I love that you give me credit for supporting you through college, law school, and through the masters program.  The fact that you recognize that is huge.  I don’t always feel like I deserve any kind of credit (I’m not the one that went through law school), but it did take effort from both of us to make it work through all of that.  People may have doubted us through high school and college, but baby did we prove them all wrong.

– I love that we can still rock out to 90s music together

– I love that when our first dance song comes on, you grab me and dance with me.

– I love that we share a love for food, music, and movies.

– I love that we still date and continually tell each other we love the other.  Not a day goes by that I don’t feel loved.


I love you. Happy Valentine’s Day to my forever Valentine.

~Your Liz


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Photo by Britta Marie Photography

  1. Kayla Fletcher says:

    Oh Elizabeth Nord Photography, reading this I get goosebumps bc there are so many parallels with Rob and I! its so refreshing to see a couple, completely smitten with each other after so many years together! Here’s to Valentine’s Day! <3

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