5 Tips For Photographing Beautiful (and Meaningful) Ring Shots



1. I like to photograph the ring about 45 degrees to the light source. I’ve found that if you place the ring in the direction of the light source (or window in most of my cases), it blows out the diamond and it leaves your image with no dimension.  At 45 degrees, you get dimension which also means that you get to see all the details inside of the pretty diamond.  Also at this degree, you’ll see that the light hits it from the side so you’ll get an amazing amount of sparkle which is what diamonds are all about, am I right?!



2.  Try to find items that relate to the theme of the wedding or their love story in some way. For example, I used a Phantom of the Opera playbill for the background and placed the ring upon it for the photo.  This one photo tells the story of their proposal and how the groom proposed to his bride at the Orpheum in Memphis, TN after they saw the play.  The bride freaked out when she saw this photo!




3. Get REALLY close to the ring and photograph it between a f2.8 and f4.5 aperture.  There’s no right or wrong aperture when photographing rings, but I find that this is my sweet spot. I love the depth of field that a wide open aperture gives me but I also want to get as much of the ring in focus as I can.  With these apertures, I’m able to achieve my goal.



4. To ensure focus every time don’t try to focus on the diamond itself, but focus on the brackets that hold the diamond in place.  I used to try and focus on the very center of the diamond, but typically only a few of the photos were ever in focus. After some trial and error, I found that if you focus on the brackets, I had a better chance of the diamond being in focus because my camera understood that focus point better than a shiny diamond.




5. Don’t forget to look on the inside of the rings! If you’re like me, I engraved my husband’s wedding band with something meaningful to us as a couple.  The inside of the ring can sometimes be just as important as the diamond, so don’t skip this shot!  This bride wanted to engrave her husband’s wedding band with Ecclesiastes 9:9. As Christians, I knew this would be something that was important to her and to her husband.  For this particular photo, I photographed it at a very low aperture, letting the diamond be secondary.


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