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The First Touch

So you’ve heard of the first touch but what’s the point? What is it exactly?

The first touch is a special moment that you can experience with your soon to be husband or wife before the ceremony begins.  During this time you can get some sweet and often emotional photos of the two of you as you try to get out some of the pre-wedding nerves by talking to one another and holding hands.


I personally wish this was “a thing” when my husband and I got married. We wanted to stay traditional and not see one another before the wedding, but I would have loved to have touched his hand and talked to him just to know how he was feeling and what all he had done that day.

Elizabeth Nord Photography 2013  It was driving me nuts that I couldn’t text or call him all morning! It was so out of the norm for us.  Talking to him would have given me a breath of fresh air and it would have calmed my nerves about walking down the aisle and everyone’s eyes on me.  That was my biggest stress for some reason.  I had no doubt about marrying Vincent. He was and still is the man of my dreams.



The best part of this is that for those of you that were like me and want to keep the tradition of not seeing the bride before the wedding, it’s a good half way point between the first look and no contact at all.

Have you had a first look or wish you had done one? I’d love to hear what you thought and your comments on the moment you shared together!