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Payne’s Prairie

Payne’s Prairie is one of the largest and coolest state parks I’ve ever been to in Florida.  It’s seriously… HUGE!  This unique park is located in Micanopy, Florida and is filled with beautiful landscape, places for camping and a picnic, fishing, nature trails, and wildlife! My husband, my friend Teri, and I went exploring on Sunday to this awesome destination.


During our nature walks, we saw a deer, vultures, and a wild turkey.  We took the Chacala Trail and along the trail we stopped by the Chacala pond for these neat views!




This area of the nature trail was burned from what looked like a previous wild fire.  It was kind of sad but at the same time I found some beauty in it. What do you think?



I have no idea what this thing is, but I thought it was so pretty! It’s still a little early for the flowers to be blooming so anytime I saw a pop of color it just made me happy!



Classic Florida.



The sun shining through the clouds is always one of my favorite things to see.  It’s so magical!