Valentines Day Inspired Session


Sometimes I sit in my office and just let my mind wander. I dream of beautiful things and interesting ideas. Like any great artist, some ideas are amazing and some are silly. Often times you’ll find one amazing concept and you’ll roll with it.  This Valentines Day inspired session was that concept.

It was my first time visiting the Kanapaha Botanical Gardens in Gainesville, Florida. Even in February, when its not fully in bloom, there were still some gorgeous scenery to be viewed!  With the right props and a fun couple, amazing images are bound to happen!

2014-01-27_0003 2014-01-27_0004 2014-01-27_0005


2014-01-27_0006 2014-01-27_0007 2014-01-27_0008 2014-01-27_0009 2014-01-27_0010 2014-01-27_0011 2014-01-27_0012 2014-01-27_0013 2014-01-27_0014 2014-01-27_0015 2014-01-27_0016 2014-01-27_0017 2014-01-27_0018 2014-01-27_0019 2014-01-27_0020 2014-01-27_0021 2014-01-27_0022 2014-01-27_0023 2014-01-27_0024 2014-01-27_0025 2014-01-27_0026 2014-01-27_0027

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