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Shveta and Gotam’s Graha Shanti

As I walk in the door to Gotam’s family home, I am greeted with hugs and escorted to the garage where his parents were hosting the prayer ceremony (also known as Graha Shanti) for Gotam and Shveta.  As everything was getting set up, their family members quickly began to gather around the couple who sat on multicolored rugs that were placed throughout the floor.  According to Hindu traditions, this ceremony is a formal engagement announcement.

This experience was like no other for me. It was really beautiful to watch the Indian rituals and to hear the language spoken. The happiness in everyone’s eyes and the laughs they had will be something that Gotam and Shveta will never forget. Something I will personally never forget is the fact that the parents invited me to be a part of the ceremony. I put down the camera for a few moments so I could bless the couple by anointing my forehead with pithy (a specially prepared paste), drinking water and then putting it on my head.  Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your special day!

I am beyond excited to be their wedding photographer and to spend so much time with them throughout the planning process over the next few months. They will become a regular on the blog over the next few months, so be on the look out for more photos from this amazing couple!